Thursday, January 22, 2015

setting a foundation

My dream is for Everly to grow up to be a loving and caring girl, one with a servant's heart. I decided early on that service to others was going to be a huge part of my parenting style. I want it to be second nature to her. She has a natural joy around people, and is happy talking to anyone.

Our first official service project was to go to the campus of Appalachian State during exam week and park ourselves in the center of the student union with a little good luck sign.

The reaction from students was better than I ever could have imagined. They walked by multiple times, taking pictures and smiling and laughing at the little chubby baby that loved them. Several students stopped to talk to me, and I got to speak words of affirmation over their lives as Everly brought joy into their day.

photo: @daniel_barlow

When planning a baby service project, ask yourself - "What does my child have to offer the world?" Can she wave hello? Can she smile? Can she speak teeny tiny words of love? Take the skills and qualities that your child has and apply them to a need. Our next service project will be in February, and we will be handing out Valentines to some very deserving recipients.

What can you do with your child(ren) to bless someone's day? Leave a note in the comments!

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