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Life-filled work is what keeps a creative business going. I can't be creative if I try to separate my soul from what I do. As a work-at-home mom, I have to find some sort of structure between my work and Everly's schedule. She is currently learning about naps, and is getting so good at independent play. She has always had that stroke of independence; at 4 months she could play with her play gym for an hour. Now she is jumping in her little play saucer and telling me her opinion about everything while she does it. Those little da-da-das punctuate my workday, and I have learned how to synthesize my boss duties with my mommy joys.

I've heard from a couple different moms that they are having a hard time figuring out how to run a creative business while being a mother, so I've decided to give you all a peek into how we do things in the hope that it will encourage you that you can find a way to fit your work into your life and your life into your work.


We wake up around 7:30, and snuggle til 8 or so. Then Everly and I go into the living room and kitchen (it's one big room) to make breakfast and catch up on the news while Everett sleeps a little longer if he needs it. I'll put her in her bouncy seat or under her play gym while I eat breakfast and have a quiet start to the day. Everett then makes his nasty green smoothie and we all get in the car to take him to work. He works for himself, but is based out of a studio owned by our church. As a one car family, if I don't take him in the morning I am stuck at home until he gets home around 6.

Everly usually falls asleep in the car (or if we're home, in her crib) around 10 for her morning nap. I know that my brain is not the best at solving problems at this point in the day, so I use this time for running errands and doing chores while I let my mind wander. I find that this actually helps me be more creative, since I am not focusing too hard on a pressure to produce. I give myself permission to do what it takes to care for our family before I work on any projects.


At this point Everly has napped and been fed, and I have gotten some chores done. I've recently realized that the reason I didn't feel creative was because my creativity was coming in spurts between bouts of anxiety about all the stressors in my life. To combat this I've started trying to take care of at least two of those stressors before I sit down and try to do my art. I'll do something along the lines of paying some bills, replying to an email, or washing the dishes.

I then sit down and try to work for 15 minutes straight. This doesn't sound like much, but other moms will attest to the difficulty of getting those 15 minutes to actually happen. The point is to focus in hard on what you want to accomplish. "Do your best" is not the mantra that I like to use during this time. I'm a perfectionist, and my best is an unattainable fantasy that I've drafted up in my head while I'm stressing about how little I can do. Instead, do what you can do in the time you have, and give yourself permission to stop working when you need to. When that 15 minutes goes by, see where you are an either take care of what needs to be done, relax, or keep working for another 15 minutes. Of course, I leave my work when Everly needs me, but she is usually pretty happy with her toys.

To keep my motivation up, I usually have a to-do list with things that I know I will be able to get done sprinkled among the challenges. That allows me to feel some sense of accomplishment for the little things, like taking a shower. Moms should be congratulated and feel accomplished for showering!

do what you can do in the time you have, and give yourself permission to stop working when you need to.


After I've gotten some work done, I pick Everly up and we spend some quality time together snuggling, nursing, and playing games until her afternoon nap. While she sleeps I do some of my best creative work. I write a blog post, balance some books, do some painting. This is my time to release what the Lord has put inside my heart.


Whenever Everett is done at work, Everly and I go pick him up and come home for dinner. Everett's been cooking a lot lately, so I get a little down time before we eat. When Everly is winding down, we watch a little Netflix and I do a little reading. If I have time before I'm too sleepy, I'll do some journaling.

This routine is pretty flexible, and the tasks fit in a lot of different arrangements. Everett and I are so routine-averse that it's actually really amazing that we have been able to do this. I love that we actually got more structured after having a baby. It was hard, but it's been amazing. I've felt like the urgency of having less time to work has made me more efficient. I'm able to run our production company, schedule gigs, do some art, and even start planning the launch of my very own creative consulting business (shhh! More on that later).

I know that life will change through every stage of Everly's development, but I will take those changes in stride and adjust my schedule as I need to. I can't wait to see how our family changes over the years.

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