Friday, June 6, 2014

the great transition

I am sitting on the couch in our new house looking out at the trees glitter green in the wind. We have officially lived in this house for a week but it still feels brand new. Everything here feels like a strange combination of fresh and familiar, with the local bakery's scones bringing me to tears and a deer slowly crossing the road making me laugh and roll my windows down for the rest of my drive.

I've been pregnant now for 6 months and it's starting to feel normal. I'm settling into this season and finding more happiness that I have in a year. I've decided to start this blog to bring the readers of MRS Degree into this new place with me as I myself move out of the target audience of that blog. My perspectives on life and love are still in line with the message of that blog, and I'll continue to talk about many of the same things.

I can't wait to tell you all about the exciting new places the Lord is bringing me and my little family. Here's a brief glimpse of some of the things I'm going to bring you up to date on soon!
  • Pregnancy so far
  • Downsizing to a tiny house
  • Hand lettering tutorials (by popular demand!!)
  • Godly community living
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